Pencil Sketches - Pencil Art Sketches and Drawings
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Pencil Sketches - Pencil Art Sketches and Drawings

Pencil Sketches
The biggest section of drawings gr - finished or unfinished pencil sketches and pencil or pen doodles. A scraps gallery, if you will.

Caroline's sketches

  • Hair style Ideas
  • Another Cute Boy
  • Pretty Boy
  • Eye Drawings
  • Thin White Duke
  • Christmas Sketches
  • Emo Girls
  • Cute Short Haircuts
  • Blood Splatter
  • Girls Dancing
  • Sad Boy
  • Bikini Girls
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Vampire Drawings
  • Cute Girl
  • More Cute Girls
  • And some Cute Boys
  • Evil Girl
  • Cherry Pictures
  • Flower Sketches
  • Ballerina Pictures
  • Demon Wings
  • Cute Kittens
  • Moon Drawings
  • Rose Sketches
  • Angry Face
  • Demon Drawings
  • Girls Washing Cars
  • Horse Drawings
  • Fashion Sketches
  • More Sketches

    Definition of Pencil Sketches

    By my definition, pencil sketches are drawings that lack professional cleanliness, that is, they're either done in lined paper, or the edges and lines are too unclean or they are simply done for fun without proper planning and not meant to be serious drawings, which means the proportions might be skewed. The kind of things people draw on the phone, in class *sweatdrop* or under cirumstances where even an eraser is a luxury. That's what I call pencil sketches. Sketches might have many mistakes, but they're a form of art too. Just don't expect exceptionaly well drawn art in this section, especially when browsing the older sketches (bottom).

    My Sketchbook

    I have a small yellow sketchbook where I scribble down notes, to-do-lists and occasionally do some sketches as well (most of which are *gasp* romantic in nature).
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