Sleeping Teen

Sleeping Teen. Drawing of a young boy sleeping...

Sleeping Teen

I think everyone looks cute (or cuter) when asleep, so I thought I'd take the time to draw a picture of a young boy fast asleep. This is a mixed media drawing that took me about an hour to complete. First I used a soft pencil for the pre-sketch, then a pen for the main lines, that is, to accenutate the sleeping form and the boy's features and a variety of colored crayons for the coloring. The sleeping teen was done on aquarella paper.

Date of the Sleeping Teen: October 2005

Sleeping Teen

Description of "Sleeping Teen"

I must say I am pretty happy with the picture! I used a cg picture of a cute teen boy sleeping as a reference, off course, but I created my own setting for the sleeping teen. Don't you get the impression that he's sleeping in a hospital, recovering from injury? He's also clutching something (a piece of paper) in his hand. There's a whole story behind this picture, don't ask me to tell you about it because I don't know all the details! This drawing is definitely a candidate for cg-ing, because it would be cool to see how the crayons would render when applying filters in Photoshop.

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