Fallen Angel Drawings

Fallen Angel Drawings. The concept of fallen angels (dark angels), angels with dirty wings (black wings), creatures that were once pure but are now tainted (fallen), has given many people inspiration. Here are some of my older fallen angel drawings.

Fallen Angel Drawings

Fallen Angel Drawings

This drawing of a fallen angel is *highly* unoriginal and has many mistakes, but it is relatively old, so I guess that much can be forgiven.
Date of the Fallen Angel Drawings: December 2004

Fallen Angel

Description of "Fallen Angel Drawings"

I drew this with pencil, at school, during the 15 minute break - not that I don't draw in class as well sometimes, but this one was done during a break, I remember that. I then went home and inked the fallen angel, scanned the drawing, colorized it on the PC and added a rather unrealistic looking blood splatter forming the word sin on the angel's chest. It's lame, I know it! As for the black wings, they do look weird. And my dear fallen angel is too thin, not to mention androgynous. And, gah, orange hair, what was I thinking? Definitely not the "Fallen from Grace" effect I had in mind, looking back at it, the fallen angel looks like a girly version of Kenshin from the anime show. There's a drawing I am not at all pleased with.

Keywords for Fallen Angel Drawings

Just so that anyone looking for fallen angel anime, dark fallen angel, fallen angels, lucifer, fallen from grace or any other keywords relevant to fallen angels can take a look at this horrible drawing. I like to torture people, it seems.

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