Evil Fairies

Evil Fairies. Not all fairies are nice like the tooth fairy you know, there are also some very dark and very evil fairies that reside in er... people's imagination..

Evil Fairies

Evil Fairies

Another old fairy drawing I had fun colorizing (that doesn't mean the colorization job is terribly good though!).
Date of the Evil Fairies: December 2004

Evil Fairies

Description of "Evil Fairies"

Another drawing with a very weird neck. I don't understand why I couldn't draw necks correctly at the time, but I guess this proves I've got better. I didn't intend for the fairy to be evil, but the way her teeth turned out left me with no other choice. Her hair is funky, but with the way I colorized it it looks more like wood than anything else. Evil fairies are supposed to have dark hair, aren't they?

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