Clown Drawings

Clown Drawings. Children always seem to think clowns are evil - here are my own elemenatry school evil clown drawings with watercolors..

Clown Drawings

I thought clowns were scary and evil when I went to elementary school. This is a clown drawing I did for Carnival when I was 8 or 9. I have done a couple of evil clown drawings - this one and one with a clown wearing a scary mask.

Date of the Clown Drawings: 1997

Clown Drawings

Description of "Clown Drawings"

The drawing's a bit smudged and all because it's pretty old. The clown's expression doesn't look evil enough, which makes me think maybe it was just a drawing of a clown and not an evil clown. That is the problem when trying to describe old drawings - you can never be sure what the theme was exactly! I like the colors and the festive atmosphere of the clown drawing a lot!

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