Cute Kitten

Cute Kitten. Whenever there's a cute kitten in a picture, people fail to notice the surroundings, according to my experiements with inserting a cute kitten in a couple of drawings..

Cute Kitten

Cute Kitten

A kitten and a book about kittens with a cute kitten on the cover. Part of a larger drawing, obviously.
Date of the Cute Kitten: January 2005

Cute Kitten

Description of "Cute Kitten"

The original picture may be three times bigger, but that's exactly the area people focus on. They don't care that the kitten looks weird, or that the hands don't look quite right, they just melt into a puddle and make "Aww..." sounds. It's interesting to observe this, a cute kitten can capture the attention of people making them ignore glaring mistakes!

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Searching for cute kitten pics, cute cat kitten pictures or for observations on the effect of cute kittens on people's perception of drawings? That's precisely what this page is about!

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