Braids Pictures

Braids Pictures. Who wants to see long braids? Who wants to see a drawing where a woman is braiding a man's hair? That's what I mean by pictures of braids.

Braids Pictures

Braids Pictures

I had this weird idea for a drawing while walking on the street. I have no idea how it struck me, it just did, and I just had to draw a man with really long hair getting his hair braided.
Date of the Braids Pictures : February 2005

Braids Pictures

Description of "Braids Pictures "

For starters, the figure with the vibrant orange hair is supposed to be a man. Looking back at it, he's a bit girlier than I would have wanted but I was going through a phase back in February and had this thing for drawing men with really long hair and really thin waists. The idea behind this picture is a bit silly, I know, but this time it was a totally original idea that just struck me all of a sudden. I think the braids look nice, with all the shading effects and stuff. In fact, this is a computer generated drawing I am quite happy with, even though it's quite old. I usually dislike older drawings, that's the problem.

I drew this braids picture with pencil, then inked it, and I didn't forget to scan a copy of the original pencil drawing either. So, I will probably upload the pencil sketch sometime in the future as well.

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