Blood Splatter

Blood Splatter. Just a study on how blood splatters and blood splatter patterns are drawn to help me learn how to make realistic looking blood..

Blood Splatter

Drawing tutorials and reference pictures help a lot, whatever it is that you want to draw. If you want draw blood splatter patterns, you should definitely do some research. It is hard to draw blood because it's a complex liquid in many ways, so the way it leaves splatters on surfaces has a lot to do with its chemical substance. These are two quick blood splatter pictures, not terribly realistic, but I am hoping to improve.

Date of the Blood Splatter: October 2005

Blood Splatter

Description of "Blood Splatter"

The study on blood splatters took about 3 minutes to draw and 10 minutes of looking for reference pictures. The only thing that came up was mostly stock photos of blood splatter patterns and some pretty good blood tutorials for Photoshop. Another good piece of information about blood splatters the study helped me learn was that a blood splatter gets brwonish after a while. And, well, I already knew blood wasn't shiny red.

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