Anime Eyes

Anime Eyes. Sketches and cg anime eyes to show you how to draw them. Because in anime, eyes are the most important feature of the face.

Anime Eyes

Anime Eyes

Doodles and colorized drawings of anime eyes I found in my hard disk. This page is no tutorial, but I guess looking at different styles of anime eyes will help you remember how to draw them or give you ideas.
Date of the Anime Eyes: January & May 2005

Anime Eyes

Draw Anime Eyes

Description of "Anime Eyes"

Personally, I find anime eyebrows more difficult to draw than the eyes, especially in profile view, because I often forget to draw them as high as they should be. The second picture of anime eyes was my attempt at drawing Zechs Merquise's charming blue eyes. I don't draw huge eyes with a million light points, except when I draw chibis, which is not very often. I prefer the narrower versions of the anime eyes because they look more intelligent and less childish. The cg anime eyes are an old picture - now I know how to apply lighting filters for a more realistic effect.

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