Angel Drawings

Angel Drawings. Angels are fun to draw - especially the wings, if you can get them right. So, here are my angel drawings for you to see.

Angel Drawings

Angel Drawings

I was listening to the song "Send me and Angel" while waiting for the Eurovision song contest to start and guess what it made me draw.
Date of the Angel Drawings: 5/21/2005

Angel Drawings

Description of "Angel Drawings"

This is a pencil drawing of a winged angel that took me about 1 hour to draw. It was the first time I actually managed to get the angel's wings to look nice, but my scanner hates me and the soft lines of the feathers have been lost in the digital form of the drawing. I recall reading a wings drawing tutorial in Deviant Art that helped me a lot with the angel drawings, but unfortunately, I can't remember the user that offered it.

I was entertaining the idea of making him a dark angel by darkening the wings because there are so many malevolent angel drawings out there already, but I was afraid I would destroy the wings. Overally, I am satsified with how the angel drawing turned out, because the proportions are relatively good. I am definitely going to experiment more with shading - expect some dark angel drawings from me as well.

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So that anyone searching for: drawings of winged angels, pencil drawings of angels, male angel anime drawings (yeah, it's anime style, look at the hair), angel wings drawing (although the wings don't look as bold as they should, because of my scanner), drawings of angel wings , sexy angel drawings ( well, he is sexy, isn't he?) can find this page, which after all, is relevant to all of these terms.

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