Anime Drawings - Anime original and fan art drawings
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Anime Drawings - Anime original and fan art drawings

Anime Drawings
My drawing style, if you could say I do have a style, leans more toward anime/manga, although I am now over the "Huge eyes, Small Mouth" period, because I realised realism should not be sacrificed in favor of cuteness.

Anyway, here are my anime drawings, some anime fan art, mostly pretty boys and some original art (cute anime girls e.t.c).

Caroline's anime drawings

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Harry Potter Fan Art
  • Sleeping Teen
  • Horror Art
  • Tsuzuki
  • Manga Drawings
  • Anime Eyes
  • Mr Romance
  • Evil Twin
  • Anime Cat Girls
  • Bloody Roses
  • Brad Crawford

    About the Anime Drawings

    Japanese comics (manga) and animation (anime) are my passion. If my memory serves me correctly I was introduced to anime through, well, Pokemon. But, contrary to popular belief, that's not all there is to anime - Pokemon is just a very commercialized anine show that tries to get prepubescent boys and girls to buy merchandise. There's an abundance of wonderfully drawn anime shows out there and the drawing style is captivating, both in the comics and in the animated cartoons. That's the reason I am so obsessed - the anime show I am currently crazy for is Yami no Matsuei. The YnM manga kicks ass, as well, but unfortunately, the artist decided to leave it unfinished.
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