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Welcome to drawings gr, the website where Caroline hosts her drawings. I draw mostly fantasy art (so expect to find dragon drawings, drawings of faeries e.t.c) and huge amounts of anime fan art. I have decided to sort the drawings by medium and by theme, to make navigation easier. View my most recent drawings here. You can also visit my DeviantArt account. If you want to e-mail me about my drawings (I can take criticism :P) or about the site shoot me an e-mail at car@drawings.gr !

Recent Drawings

In the spirit of the festive season, which is nigh, I've began creating some Halloween drawings. Check them out!
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Information for Advertisers

Drawings.gr is a niche website that is receiving 10-20 k visitors per month, which are targeted because, according to the statistics analysis, they are looking for sketches and drawings and also, pictures related to science fiction and fantasy. Drawings.gr would be an ideal place for advertisers looking to promote art supplies, video games, artist websites and drawing software. If you are interested in advertising in Drawings.gr forward your enquiry to Caroline at car@drawings.gr.

My Videos

Recently I have taken quite a fancy to video editing and creating music videos using footage from anime, video games or TV shows and movies. I upload all my videos to youtube, so check out my youtube account.

Drawings Categories

Here is a description of each separate drawings category.

Drawings sort by Medium

CG Art - Computer generated drawings. Ink Drawings - Scanned Drawings done with an artistic pen. Pencil Drawings - Scanned drawings done with pencil or color pencils. Pencil Sketches - Scribbles, doodles, scraps e.t.c.

Drawings sort by Theme

Animal Drawings - Kitties and other cute animals. Anime Drawings - Fan Art for anime shows (anime girls, bishonen e.t.c). Fantasy Drawings - Demons, fairies and other fantasy creatures.

Greek Version

There's also a greek version of the site, where I have posted some drawing tutorials (in Greek). For my latest drawings, check out the sketchbooks on the left of the page. Greek Version

Τεχνικές Σκίτσου και Σχεδίασης

Άλλα άρθρα

  • Anime Manga - Πληροφοριακό αρθρο πάνω στα γιαπωνέζικα σχέδια
  • Αρχιτεκτονικό Σχέδιο - Σύντομο άρθρο για το βιομηχανικό και το αρχιτεκτονικό σχέδιο

Other Sections

I am working on a section about Emo Clothes, feel free to take a look, even though it's unfinished. When you're done here, you might want to check our our resources page for links to other art related websites. If you're concerned about your privacy while browsing Drawings.GR, you're advised to review our Privacy Policy.
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